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22 Oct 2020 10:05 AM | Anonymous

The Chicago Area Archivists Steering Committee would like to announce a new pilot program, the CAA Resume Review.

Members can participate in two ways:

1. Members can volunteer to review resumes and provide comments to members submitting their resumes for review.

2. Members can submit their resumes for review and receive comments from fellow CAA members.

If you would like to volunteer to review resumes, please fill out the following form:

Resume Reviewer Volunteer Form

If you like to have your resume reviewed by fellow CAAers, please fill out the form below. Since this form will require you to upload files, you will be asked to sign into your Google account.

Submit Resume for Review

Members at all stages of their careers are encouraged to participate!

If you volunteer to review resumes, you will be sent one to two resumes with no contact information and asked to return comments to the service coordinator.

If you would like your resume reviewed, it will be assigned to a CAA volunteer who will provide comments and suggestions through the service coordinator.

CAA will make every effort to keep reviewers and reviewees anonymous, but we cannot guarantee anonymity.

As this is a pilot program, we will set a deadline for the first round of reviewers and reviewees to submit by October 30, 2020. CAA hopes to offer additional rounds if the pilot program is successful and utilized by members

.If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Howdeshell at

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